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    • SEO/PPC

      – Website PERFORMANCE Why have a website, if no one ever visits? Great websites are created, managed and constantly improved. dhg Communications uses many strategies to increase traffic.
      • Video Marketing The conversion rate of visitors from Youtube/Vimeo tends to be about 20% higher than from the traditional search engines. Are you effectively using video and Youtube on your website?
      • Social Media Impact Social media DOES affect search rankings. To increase rankings, you need to understand how to create valuable, shareable content and how to spread the word through various social sites. We can help.
      • Blogging and Guest Blogging Blogging continues to be an effective tool for thought leadership, link bait, and a way to leverage social media to drive website traffic and leads. Guest blogging benefits both the guest and the host.
      • Conversion Optimization This is the process of turning more visitors into paying customers. It's a discipline that tests different designs, call to actions and other details to find what converts the most website visitors into sales.
      • Local Search Marketing 90% of shoppers are searching Google before they head out the door, so local internet marketing and Google Maps are a must for any business trying to get people into their doors. The phone book… RIP.
      • Mobile Marketing With abundant smartphones, apps, widgets, location-based marketing through social media, discounts, coupons, QR codes, image and audio searches, and text message (SMS) marketing, mobile marketing is experiencing explosive growth. Are your products and websites mobile friendly?
      • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) This older Internet marketing strategy still creates awareness and produces qualified website traffic and leads. PPC can help test what keywords deliver the highest quality of traffic to your site.
      • Email Marketing This old standby is still a favorite technique because it provides a higher conversion rate than social media. It’s still the best way to remarket to visitors you attracted to your site from SEO and PPC.
      • Content Marketing Content marketing (blog posts, press releases, whitepapers/articles) increases SEO through natural link building, establishes thought leadership, makes companies more interesting on social media, and drives traffic and leads. Companies must become better storytellers.