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    • Adding Video

      Websites are more informative, more entertaining and a lot more fun when they show video messages. dhg Communications can help add many different types of videos to your website. Need a "video walk-on" spokesperson? A "welcome video" from your CEO? Perhaps a "product demo video" is appropriate? Or maybe recent webinars? dhg Communications has the video tools and technology to make your website more lively and informative – at a reasonable cost. Online video has changed the way we create, view and share video messages today. And with the innovative technology on smartphones constantly advancing, supporting video on mobile devices has become the new 'next best thing.' The movement from online video has now transitioned and exploded into mobile video. While video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are still just as popular, users are now viewing online video on their mobile devices instead of on their PCs. In fact, 75 percent of YouTube mobile video users say that their mobile device is the number one tool they use to watch YouTube videos. dhg Communications has the ability to produce or transform your video into the multiple formats that mobile video can be viewed in on your smartphones, including: 3GPP, MPEG-4, RTSP and Flash Lite. As smartphones get "smarter" mobile video will continue to advance as well. dhg Communications will be right there updating our equipment to offer the best technology available.