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    • MyVideoTalk

      dhg Communications offers a revolutionary way for you to share your videos worldwide! MyVideoTalk is a global video communications and marketing platform that revolutionizes how you communicate with your customers and co-workers! MyVideoTalk has four elements to the platform to broadcast your message.
      • Video Email is a user-friendly email platform that allows you to send video messages with real-time viewer tracking!
      • The Live Web Broadcasting element lets you web-conference with TV-like HD live video!
      • MyVideoTalk gives you a Private Video Channel on the web without 3rd party advertisements.
      • The Personal Web Show capability allows you to embed videos into multiple websites and integrates into all social media platforms!
      To register for and subscribe to MyVideoTalk, contact Greg Wilde at dhg Communications or log onto and use the promo code 255074. Add link to the MyVideoTalk dhg branded page.