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    • Websites

      Our goal is to provide your company with the best possible service that will help your business succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. Through our dedication to you and your company, dhg Communications will strive to provide you with the best possible Internet solutions and will develop a custom website specific to your companies’ goals and objectives. We use the best technology to ensure your website will work seamlessly. Our web design is creative, modern, and very professional. Our company has the ability to deliver web design, interactive multi-media presentations, web hosting, e-mail, e-commerce, internet consultation, and custom web design. As partners in your Internet experience we will simplify the technical process, leaving you to manage and grow your business. Our company develops a close relationship with you and offers personalized service even after the sale is completed. Below are screen shots of some of the custom websites we have created! For more samples, please contact your dhg Communications representative or visit our own website at
    • Adding Video

      Websites are more informative, more entertaining and a lot more fun when they show video messages. dhg Communications can help add many different types of videos to your website. Need a "video walk-on" spokesperson? A "welcome video" from your CEO? Perhaps a "product demo video" is appropriate? Or maybe recent webinars? dhg Communications has the video tools and technology to make your website more lively and informative – at a reasonable cost. Online video has changed the way we create, view and share video messages today. And with the innovative technology on smartphones constantly advancing, supporting video on mobile devices has become the new 'next best thing.' The movement from online video has now transitioned and exploded into mobile video. While video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are still just as popular, users are now viewing online video on their mobile devices instead of on their PCs. In fact, 75 percent of YouTube mobile video users say that their mobile device is the number one tool they use to watch YouTube videos. dhg Communications has the ability to produce or transform your video into the multiple formats that mobile video can be viewed in on your smartphones, including: 3GPP, MPEG-4, RTSP and Flash Lite. As smartphones get "smarter" mobile video will continue to advance as well. dhg Communications will be right there updating our equipment to offer the best technology available.
    • SEO/PPC

      – Website PERFORMANCE Why have a website, if no one ever visits? Great websites are created, managed and constantly improved. dhg Communications uses many strategies to increase traffic.
      • Video Marketing The conversion rate of visitors from Youtube/Vimeo tends to be about 20% higher than from the traditional search engines. Are you effectively using video and Youtube on your website?
      • Social Media Impact Social media DOES affect search rankings. To increase rankings, you need to understand how to create valuable, shareable content and how to spread the word through various social sites. We can help.
      • Blogging and Guest Blogging Blogging continues to be an effective tool for thought leadership, link bait, and a way to leverage social media to drive website traffic and leads. Guest blogging benefits both the guest and the host.
      • Conversion Optimization This is the process of turning more visitors into paying customers. It's a discipline that tests different designs, call to actions and other details to find what converts the most website visitors into sales.
      • Local Search Marketing 90% of shoppers are searching Google before they head out the door, so local internet marketing and Google Maps are a must for any business trying to get people into their doors. The phone book… RIP.
      • Mobile Marketing With abundant smartphones, apps, widgets, location-based marketing through social media, discounts, coupons, QR codes, image and audio searches, and text message (SMS) marketing, mobile marketing is experiencing explosive growth. Are your products and websites mobile friendly?
      • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) This older Internet marketing strategy still creates awareness and produces qualified website traffic and leads. PPC can help test what keywords deliver the highest quality of traffic to your site.
      • Email Marketing This old standby is still a favorite technique because it provides a higher conversion rate than social media. It’s still the best way to remarket to visitors you attracted to your site from SEO and PPC.
      • Content Marketing Content marketing (blog posts, press releases, whitepapers/articles) increases SEO through natural link building, establishes thought leadership, makes companies more interesting on social media, and drives traffic and leads. Companies must become better storytellers.
    • Hosting

      A website is ONLY great when visitors can actually view and navigate your site. Without the right kind of hosting, it is nearly impossible to have your website or blog perform well, especially as you receive more daily visitors and update your site content. To make your website as successful as possible, you need to have the right kind of web hosting services. The following information outlines the three most common types of web hosting.
      • Shared Web Hosting Shared web hosting is a type of hosting in which a single web server is shared by many of webmasters simultaneously, operating thousands of sites. Most shared hosting plans include unlimited features that can be accessed due to the shared hosting environment. In shared hosting, you receive access to a small portion of the web server, which can be used to host several websites. Shared web hosting is the cheapest type of hosting available and is also the most popular, as most people begin their online experience using this type of budget-friendly personal hosting.
      • VPS Web Hosting VPS web hosting is specifically designed for businesses and organizations in need of a more comprehensive solution for multiple websites that are constantly expanding. VPS hosting comes in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for an online business owner with a large number of web sites or a single site that is experiencing lots of daily traffic. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is very similar to shared website hosting in that you share a web server with other website owners. However, instead of having a single portion of the server, the entire server is split accumulatively.
      • Dedicated Server Hosting Dedicated web hosting bears its name because you lease your own dedicated server that is devoted solely to the hosting of your website. Since you do not share the web server, it is capable of handling so many more functions simultaneously. For this reason, many larger corporations use dedicated servers, and every successful online business owner sets their goals toward an enterprise hosting plan. If you are looking for the most powerful type of web hosting plan, then consider the incredible advantages of using a dedicated server.