Services - Video

    • Production Services

      Creating video and web beyond your expectations is what dhg Communications is all about. Our team of dedicated professionals partner with you to revolutionize the way your company does video for your office, or your website. dhg Communications offers services in all aspects of film, video and multimedia productions. The web, CD-ROM, DVD and mobile video offer many opportunities for communications and we can help you take advantage of them. dhg’s Production Department has the equipment and the expertise to make your project stand out from your competition. Our studio is a great space for an inside protected shoot to accommodate your production needs. If on location is where you need to be, dhg Communications is completely portable. We go anywhere you want us to go. The Post Production Team at dhg will take the raw footage we shoot and create the finished, hi-quality product dhg Communications promises. We offer three non-linear editing suites, one with the latest HIGH DEFINITION equipment and two with standard definition; all include real-time 3-D effects, the latest creative software that allow for infinite layers of video for your editing enjoyment. Graphics and animation add excitement to your project and give you that dhg advantage. Ask your dhg Communications representative to give you a copy of the equipment list or anything else you need to set your mind at ease. dhg Communications has the experience to get you the best video and film project possible!
    • MyVideoTalk

      dhg Communications offers a revolutionary way for you to share your videos worldwide! MyVideoTalk is a global video communications and marketing platform that revolutionizes how you communicate with your customers and co-workers! MyVideoTalk has four elements to the platform to broadcast your message.
      • Video Email is a user-friendly email platform that allows you to send video messages with real-time viewer tracking!
      • The Live Web Broadcasting element lets you web-conference with TV-like HD live video!
      • MyVideoTalk gives you a Private Video Channel on the web without 3rd party advertisements.
      • The Personal Web Show capability allows you to embed videos into multiple websites and integrates into all social media platforms!
      To register for and subscribe to MyVideoTalk, contact Greg Wilde at dhg Communications or log onto and use the promo code 255074. Add link to the MyVideoTalk dhg branded page.
    • Mobile Video

      Online video has changed the way we create, view and share video today. And with the innovative technology on smartphones constantly advancing, supporting video on mobile devices has become the new 'next best thing.' The movement from online video has now transitioned and exploded into mobile video. While video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are still just as popular, users are now viewing online video on their mobile devices instead of on their PCs. In fact, 75 percent of YouTube mobile video users say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos.
      dhg Communications has the ability to produce or transform your video into the multiple formats that mobile video can be viewed in on your smartphones, including 3GPP, MPEG-4, RTSP and Flash Lite. And as smartphones get "smarter" mobile video will continue to advance as well to keep up with new technology and dhg Communications will be right there updating our equipment to offer the best technology available. While the future of mobile video is still unknown, we have to remember that the concept is in its early stages and still has room to grow. We are committed to making sure your companies digital video is accessible no matter what format your customers and vendors want to use.
    • Live Events

      Is your organization hosting a company-wide meeting, organizing a sales rally, attending an industry trade show or convention or putting on a training program? dhg Communications can take a standard meeting and make it beyond the expectations of your audience by adding larger-than-life video. Commonly called "Business Theatre" our creative staff will work with your event coordinator and ensure your attendees have an experience of a lifetime. Let dhg Communications take care of it all for you including developing the theme, booking the venue, designing the stage or trade show exhibit, engineering the big-screen presentations with crew and equipment, developing and printing event material and signage, booking top-name talent and more! Whether it is an outdoor or indoor affair, we have the experience and technical expertise to make your event flawless. We can even add an interactive flair with hi-tech touch screen kiosks at your event.